Triunfo Brands

Triufo Brands is a private group for brand management, which has a diverse portfolio of brands within the fashion and sport sectors for world consumption. We specialize in supporting partners, licensees and end users on every detail for the successful positioning of each brand in the regions where they operate.

The services offered include: Design and development of the brand, franchise Creation, production, domestic and international distribution, sales and marketing.

The portfolio of brands managed by the group are self owned, master international licenses and combinations thereof.


Click over each flag to filter our brands by country, so you can focus the opportunities available for each region.


Additionally with Triunfo Brands there are opportunities for members of the group. Some of the brands we represent and by partnership with Licensees and Brand owners, this means we take care of the overall management and representation of your brand with our infrastructure.

In Triunfo Brands we are flexible when we make our strategic alliances and agreements with our partners to create win-win-win-win opportunities, you win as a partners of Triunfo Brands, we win, the dealer wins and the final consumer wins


This is our contact information, however we wish you could visit our headquarters in order to establish a long term relationship of trust.

Contact Information

Triunfo Brands
Calle 14 & Aveneida Roosevelth
Zona Libre de Colón, Panamá.
Phone: +(507) 431-4800